Alumni Committee Mission Statement

As per the TJESA By-Laws- Article II: Purpose and Goals

The purpose of this organization shall be:
Section 1: To bring a closer relationship between the current students and alumni of Thomas Jefferson High School/Silva Health Magnet School.

Section 2: To sponsor scholarships for qualified students of both Thomas Jefferson High School and Silva/Health Magnet School.

Section 3: To advocate in the best interests of Thomas Jefferson High School and Silva Magnet Health School and to become involved in any and all action required in the best interest of the students, teachers, administrators, and parents of Thomas Jefferson High School and Silva Health Magnet School.

Section 4: To be actively involved in recruiting ex-students to be active member of TJESA.

Current Officers:
 President – David Carr tjhsfox@hotmail.com
 Vice-President – Craig Thompson cthompson1987@sbcglobal.net
 Secretary—Connie Carr tjhsfox@hotmail.com
 Treasurer- Jenny Robles jenny2743@att.net

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